Emergency contacts

In the event of fire, or medical emergency (ask for an ambulance or rescue service)

     Call 119


In the case of crime or accident

     Call  110



Medical Treatment

For general information on Health Insurance for visitors, please check the link below:



This website helps you to search for medical institutions and provides information such as how to get to a hospital and travel health insurance policy.



Fukuoka Prefecture Medical Center website also allows you to search for medical institution where foreign language service is available.



Natural Disasters


During summer season (July to October) it is expected to experience seasonal typhoons and flooding can occur due to typhoons. Earthquakes are not very common in Fukuoka area, however, Japan is located in an earthquake-prone zone and earthquakes are susceptible to occur all over the country.


You can find information on how to prepare yourself for disaster referring to the English pamphlet printed by Fukuoka Prefecture.



The Fukuoka City Disaster Prevention/Crisis Management Information

This website provides information on rainfall and water levels in Fukuoka city.



Japan Meteorological Agency

Send warnings and prevention alerts. Also, on JMA website you can find detailed information on weather, climate and earthquakes.




Useful links


Foreign Embassies and General Consulates in Japan



Safety Tips for tourists